Event Listing

13 APR 2012
@ 3:00 pm
Joint PRECISE-GRASP Seminar: Proof-Carrying Auto-Coded Control Software
Proof-carrying code has been in existence since Necula and Lee coined the term in 1996. This talk brings forward the details of the development of proof-carrying code from control system specifications. The motivation for this work is the safety-critical nature of many… Read more
29 FEB 2012
@ 4:30 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Combinatorial Testing
Studies suggest that nearly all software errors are triggered by the interaction of no more than six parameters.  If so, testing all n-way combinations of parameters should provide high confidence that nearly all faults have been discovered.  This combinatorial testing is… Read more
29 FEB 2012
@ 1:30 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Static Analysis and Static Analyzers in Software Development
Quality must be designed into and built into software.  Nevertheless testing (dynamic analysis) and static analyzers have roles in delivering excellent software.  Dr. Black will describe what static analysis is (and isn't) and compare it in general with testing.  Then he will… Read more
15 FEB 2012
@ 1:45 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Complex CPS Design Challenges at UTRC
The artifacts of daily life are inexorably becoming more intelligent by means of embedded systems.  While this brings many advantages in terms of new functions, complexity is limiting progress.  Most UTRC activities in embedded and cyber-physical systems are focused on… Read more
26 JAN 2012
@ 12:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: The Role of Humans in Information Security Decisions
Computer security aims to ensure only "good" behavior happens in computer systems, despite potential action by malicious adversaries. Consequently, the field has focused primarily on the technology to prohibit "bad things," according to some set of rules, and to a lesser… Read more
25 JAN 2012
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Modeling and Validating the Train Fare Calculation and Adjustment System Using VDM++
The Train Fare Calculation and Adjustment System (TFCAS), developed by the OMRON Corporation, is a large-scale and complex system that helps passengers buy tickets and adjust their train fare on the railways across Japan. In this paper we present the results and experiences… Read more
11 NOV 2011
@ 2:30 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Challenges & Opportunities of Power Management for Internet Data Centers
As the demand on Internet services drastically increases in recent years, the power used by Internet Data Centers (IDCs) has been skyrocketing. How to reduce the power consumptions of IDCs while still providing guaranteed service to end users is a primary concern for IDC… Read more
30 SEP 2011
@ 1:30 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Beyond Bug Finding - Leveraging Program Analysis to Make Programming Easier
The last ten years have seen the coming of age of a range of verification technologies to ensure that programs behave correctly according to their specifications. But checking for errors is only the first step down the road to better more reliable software.  The same… Read more
29 SEP 2011
@ 1:30 pm
PRECISE Industry Lecture: Lutron - Real World Embedded System Development
The PRECISE Center is proud to offer a special guest lecture on real-world embedded systems tomorrow for EMBS students, PRECISE members and CIS MS students. Lutron is a great potential employer, don’t miss this great opportunity!! … Read more