Event Listing

30 NOV 2018
@ 3:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Energy-Aware Programming Languages for Adaptive Software
Application-level energy optimization has emerged as an important aspect of computer system energy management. Languages and frameworks that treat applications as a "white box" for program energy behavior, and energy as a first-class program entity, enjoy more powerful… Read more
24 OCT 2018
@ 7:45 am
Moving America Forward - Next Generation of Truck Freight Transport
Session 1 - Digitization in Logistics & Supply Chain  Co-Chairs: John Paul MacDuffie & Stephen Burks Supply chain (SC)… Read more
08 OCT 2018
@ 6:00 pm
Special EMBS Presentation: IoT Product Development
Click here for talk and project descriptions.  More info: https://www.… Read more
05 OCT 2018
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: A Decentralized Optimal Control Framework for Coordination of Connected and Automated Vehicles
We are currently witnessing an increasing integration of energy and transportation, which, coupled with human interactions, is giving rise to a new level of complexity in the next generation of transportation systems. Connected and automated… Read more
26 SEP 2018
@ 2:00 pm
Masters Opportunities: Are you interested in working with government clients to build public sector machine learning models?
In this talk, Dr. Ken Steif will present 2 public sector machine learning use cases he developed with graduate students this past spring as part of the MUSA Practicum at Penn. He is looking to recruit other data-driven… Read more
24 SEP 2018
@ 12:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Methods for Personalised Delivery Rate Computation for IV Administered Anesthetic Propofol
Controlled delivery of intravenous (IV) anesthetics aims at fast and safe achievement and maintenance of a suitable depth of hypnosis (DOH), by ensuring appropriate effect site (i.e. brain) exposure to the drug. Today, such drugs are regularly injected by Target Controlled… Read more
18 JUN 2018
@ 4:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Blockchain and Embedded Systems
Blockchain technology, which originated with the bitcoin technology, has created new ways to build trusted distributed systems. In the classical Internet content and information are exchanged, often provided by services running on computing nodes connected to the Internet.… Read more
31 MAY 2018
@ 12:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Enterprise AI for Business 4.0 - from Automation to Amplification
Every industry today is both impacted by and also seeking exploit AI technologies already widely used in the ‘new economy’. Our “Business 4.0” framework guides this ‘digital transformation’ of traditional enterprises by focusing on extreme personalization,… Read more
28 MAR 2018
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: About PCI
The Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) is Penn’s one-stop-shop for commercialization and entrepreneurship. PCI's staff are here to help researchers navigate the fields of intellectual property, startup companies, and corporate partnerships. PCI can help you if you want to learn… Read more
08 MAR 2018
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: The Use of Mobile Health Technology in Clinical Research
The ability to efficiently develop new medicines for patients with unmet needs is limited by the current model for clinical development.  Fundamentally, the conduct of clinical trial has not changed significantly over the last few decades.  Emerging digital and mobile health… Read more