Photo of Rajeev Shorey
Rajeev Shorey, Ph.D.
PRECISE Seminar: Trends & Future Directions on Recent Advances in IoT & M2M Security -
August 14, 2019

With an exponential growth of IoT and M2M devices, enabling security is one of the single biggest challenge in these systems. Due to the complex and light-weight nature of these distributed networks, there are a large number of attack vectors that need mitigation.

In this talk, we look at recent advances in IoT and M2M systems from the point of view of cyber security. We present the challenges in securing complex systems such as the Industrial IoT networks and emphasize the importance of new metrics such…

Profile photo of Aiman Abdel-Malek
Aiman Abdel-Malek, Ph.D.
CIS Course #700-002: Topics in Safe Autonomy - "Bridging Consumer & Medical Devices through Secure IoT Platform Technology: Simplifying Life for People with Chronic Diseases"
March 28, 2019

I will be presenting the key attributes for the design and implementation of an IoT platform that can be used safely for connected medical devices. I will show the implementation of such platform to deliver solutions that simplify life for people with Type 1 Diabetes.  

Presentation (modified version): [PDF]

Profile photo of Mads Almassalkhi
Mads Almassalkhi, Ph.D.
PRECISE Seminar: Real-Time, Scalable Coordination of Smart Appliances with Packetized Energy Management
February 25, 2019

This talk discusses past efforts on optimizing industrial central energy plants and juxtaposes this work against against recent results on integrating residential distributed energy resources (DERs) into grid operations to enable reliable grid operation under extreme penetrations of renewables. The focus of the talk will be on Packetized Energy Management (PEM) for aggregating and coordinating DERs, such as electric water heaters, electric vehicles, and electric battery storage. PEM leverages key tools from communication systems that enable billions of people to access the internet and…

Profile photo of Todd Zielinski
Todd Zielinski
EMBS Special Seminar: Product Design
February 7, 2019

In this presentation, I will cover product development and design methodology with a focus on the electrical engineering discipline process. Bresslergroup has been in the business of designing leading edge products in a wide range of markets for companies large and small for almost 50 years; this experience leads to some insights on how integration of many disciplines, and contributions all of them bring to a successful product.

Concerns about part selection, supply chain, early architecture decisions, and how to transition…

Profile photo of Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang
Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang, Ph.D.
PRECISE Seminar: Intelligent and Connected Systems for Sensible Urban Living
February 1, 2019

Analyzing observations of the physical world can be a messy process. But the rise of intelligent and connected sensors to measure energy consumption, air quality, ocean temperatures, urban noises, and any number of other changes is allowing us to study our urban environment and take actions like never before. In this talk, I will discuss several recent projects that use intelligent sensor systems and data analytics to better understand the physical world and improve our daily lives. In one, we create ePrints -- a system that tracks each occupant’s personal share of energy use, or “energy…