Event Listing

13 SEP 2012
@ 4:00 pm
On-Campus Information Session - Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
The session will include a snapshot of a career in embedded engineering at Lutron and a Q&A session.  Learn more about Lutron, including: Common core attributes of successful candidates hired at Lutron New hire experience  Read more
23 AUG 2012
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: A Framework for Verification of Software with Time and Probabilities
(Joint work with Gethin Norman and David Parker)  Quantitative verification techniques are able to establish system properties such as "the probability of an airbag failing to deploy on demand'' or "the expected time for a network protocol to successfully… Read more
19 JUL 2012
@ 11:00 am
PRECISE Seminar: Parallel Assertions for Debugging Parallel Programs
A parallel program must execute correctly even in the presence of unpredictable thread interleavings. This interleaving makes it hard to write correct parallel programs, and also makes it hard to find bugs in incorrect parallel programs. A range of tools have been developed… Read more
09 JUL 2012
@ 11:00 am
PRECISE Seminar: Security of Networked Systems with Application to Environmental Monitoring, Power Grids, and Building Energy Management
Technological advancements in low-power processors, sensors, and radios have boosted the development of single-chip sensor-actuator devices. When distributed over a wide area, networks of these embedded devices can revolutionize a variety of application domains, including… Read more
21 MAY 2012
@ 1:30 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Policies for Querying Sensors with Cost/Delay Considerations
I will present some results concerning how we can schedule queries in a sensor network when there is a cost (say, energy) associated with each query. In this setting, how do we make good choices about when to query subject to delay or data staleness limitations? This work… Read more
16 MAY 2012
@ 12:15 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Automatic Verification of Competitive Stochastic Systems
We present automatic verification techniques for the modelling and analysis of probabilistic systems that incorporate competitive behaviour. These systems are modelled as turn-based stochastic multi-player games, in which the players can either collaborate or compete in order… Read more
10 MAY 2012
@ 11:00 am
PRECISE Seminar: Wireless Coexistence in Open Radio Spectrum: Curses and Blessings
The human world is replete with wireless devices. By their broadcast nature, wireless transceivers often cause significant interference to each other if they use the same frequency. This becomes a growing issue as the open 2.4GHz frequency band is being populated by numerous… Read more
25 APR 2012
@ 1:45 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Approximations for Verification of Hybrid Systems
The increasing demand for automation in safety-critical applications such as aeronautics, automotive, industrial process control, medical devices and so on, has pressurized the need for scalable formal analysis techniques for ensuring reliable and error-free operation of the… Read more
13 APR 2012
@ 3:00 pm
Joint PRECISE-GRASP Seminar: Proof-Carrying Auto-Coded Control Software
Proof-carrying code has been in existence since Necula and Lee coined the term in 1996. This talk brings forward the details of the development of proof-carrying code from control system specifications. The motivation for this work is the safety-critical nature of many… Read more
29 FEB 2012
@ 4:30 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Combinatorial Testing
Studies suggest that nearly all software errors are triggered by the interaction of no more than six parameters.  If so, testing all n-way combinations of parameters should provide high confidence that nearly all faults have been discovered.  This combinatorial testing is… Read more