Photo of Insup Lee speaking on stairs at an event

Welcome to PRECISE!

The PRECISE (Penn Research In Embedded Computing and Integrated Systems Engineering) Center was established in September 2008 to bring together experts from the electrical systems engineering and computer science fields to study the way machines interact with the physical world through their computing systems, aka Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

CPS and IoT feature computational components controlling large, complex physical plants in a tightly coupled fashion, often featuring time-critical, safety-critical, networked and/or embedded control.

Our research involves finding fundamental and practical solutions to problems of modeling, control, simulation, operation, formal design, and implementation of CPS and IoT. Such next generation systems are central to energy-efficient buildings and smart cities, industrial automation, advanced manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, and medical devices. Thus, CPS and IoT work has a direct, powerful impact on healthcare, energy, and transportation - all essential and important facets of modern society.

Our one-of-a-kind Master’s in Embedded Systems (EMBS) graduate program (offer through the CIS Department) creates a unique workforce to face the growing needs of the CPS and IoT industry. EMBS graduates will be uniquely positioned to lead and guide the development of fledgling CPS and IoT technology to build the systems of the future.

PRECISE provides an enriching, integrative environment that fosters interaction among students, faculty experts, and CPS and IoT industry leaders.

Thank you for taking the time to explore PRECISE.  I'd like to extend a personal invitation to visit The Center and meet with myself and our faculty to learn more about our cutting-edge endeavors in CPS and IoT research, innovation, and education.


Signed Insup Lee

Insup Lee, PhD
Director, PRECISE