Event Listing

23 OCT 2015
@ 9:00 am
Industry Day 2015
PRECISE’s “Cyber-Physical Systems Industry Day” is an informal and intimate day-long symposium for leading executives and engineers involved in designing and developing cyber-physical systems, embedded systems, hybrid and control systems, and Internet of Things. … Read more
02 JUN 2015
@ 11:00 am
PRECISE Seminar: Secure State Estimation for CPS Under Sensor Attacks - A Satisfiability Modulo Theory Approach
Motivated by the need to secure critical infrastructure against sensor attacks, in this talk I will focus on a problem known as "secure state estimation”. It consists of estimating the state of a dynamical system when a subset of its sensors is arbitrarily corrupted by an… Read more
13 MAY 2015
@ 11:30 am
PRECISE Seminar: Quest - in Time and Space
Multi- and many-core processors commonly found in server-class systems are now increasingly popular in embedded platforms. Many of these processors feature hardware virtualization capabilities, such as the ARM Cortex A15, and x86 processors with Intel VT-x or AMD-V support.… Read more
29 APR 2015
@ 12:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: The Escapades of a Machine Learning Scientist - Learning Models from Electronic Health Data
Healthcare spending is nearing $3 trillion per year, but in spite of this expenditure, the US is outpaced by most developed countries with regard to outcomes. Until recently, one of the key bottlenecks for research in care delivery was the lack of data to analyze the health… Read more
27 MAR 2015
@ 10:00 am
PRECISE Seminar: Magnetic Capsule Robots for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy & Abdominal Surgery
The talk will move from capsule robots for gastrointestinal endoscopy toward a new generation of surgical robots and devices, having a relevant reduction in invasiveness as the main driver for innovation. Wireless capsule endoscopy has already been extremely helpful for the… Read more
18 MAR 2015
@ 12:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Real-time Actionable Insight
At the heart of the new enterprise is the ability to continuously gather information about business entities of interest (of any shape/form/size), run analytics against them (to cluster, correlate, learn patterns, predict future behavior), and inform ongoing business… Read more
16 FEB 2015
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: High-Assurance Multi-Core Processors with Verifiable and Comprehensive Information Flow Control
As computing devices are increasingly consolidated and shared by multiple, potentially distrusting, applications, hardware must be able to provide strong isolation among software entities. For example, automative systems must be able to ensure that safety-critical control… Read more
22 JAN 2015
@ 1:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Formal Verification of Distributed Aircraft Controllers
Formal verification and theorem proving have been used successfully in many discrete applications, such as chip design and verification.  However, computation is not confined to the discrete world of desktop computing.  Increasingly, we depend on discrete software to control… Read more
10 DEC 2014
@ 11:00 am
Joint PRECISE-GRASP Seminar: Remote and Distributed Estimation over Shared Networks - New Results and Open Problems
This talk will focus on the design of distributed estimation systems that are formed by multiple non-collocated components. A shared network is used to disseminate information among the components. I will discuss two recent results: Assuming that the network is… Read more
25 NOV 2014
@ 1:30 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Robust Abstractions for Replicated Shared State
In the age of cloud-connected mobile devices, users want responsive apps that read and write shared data everywhere, at all times, even if network connections are slow or unavailable. Replication and eventual consistency, while able to deliver this experience, require us to… Read more