PRECISE Seminar: Blockchain and Embedded Systems

PRECISE Seminar: Blockchain and Embedded Systems
Mon, June 18, 2018 @ 4:00pm EDT
Levine Hall - Room 307
3330 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Vugranam Sreedhar, Ph.D.

Blockchain technology, which originated with the bitcoin technology, has created new ways to build trusted distributed systems. In the classical Internet content and information are exchanged, often provided by services running on computing nodes connected to the Internet. Internet has come a long way from being a passive content provider to active services, including Internet of Things (IoT) that brings small devices to play active role in building distributed applications. Blockchain goes a step further where value and trusted applications are built in a decentralized distributed model.

In this talk we will focus on three main topics of blockchain for embedded systems:

  1. Programming models for developing blockchain applications, especially where the world of Embedded Systems meets the world of Blockchain.
  2. We will introduce the notion of “Ledger of Things (LoT)” that brings trusted things to the Internet.
  3. We will introduce the notion of differential consensus that brings concepts from dynamical systems to blockchain world.
Speaker Bio

Dr. Vugranam (VC) Sreedhar recently joined IBM GTS/TSS from IBM TJ Watson Research Center to lead all aspects of Blockchain solutions for Technical Support Services. He led several successful projects in broad areas, including compilers, programming technology, security, compliance, service delivery and blockchain. He is also ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) Distinguished Scientist and also member of IBM Academy of Technology. He earned is Ph.D. from McGill University, with Dean’s Honor.