Event Listing

18 APR 2017
@ 9:00 am
Penn Autonomous Racing 2017
The F1tenth competition, established by PRECISE, is where top minds develop autonomous driving solutions for 1/10th scale race cars.  We provide online instruction and videos on how to build the base hardware platform, while teams design unique software algorithms for… Read more
14 APR 2017
@ 9:00 am
CyberCardia Project Meeting 2017
Funded by NSF and led by Stony Brook, collaborators from seven leading universities and centers working together to develop a CyberCardia framework for closed-loop verification of… Read more
12 APR 2017
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Scalable Static Hybridization Methods for Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
Hybridization methods enable the analysis of hybrid automata with complex, nonlinear dynamics through a sound abstraction process. Complex dynamics are converted to simpler ones with added noise, and then analysis is done using a reachability method for the simpler dynamics.… Read more
22 FEB 2017
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Cross-Domain CPS for Intelligent Transportation in Smart Cities
For the first time, we have more people living in urban cities than rural areas. Based on this inevitable urbanization, my research aims to address sustainability challenges related to urban mobility (e.g., energy consumption and traffic congestion) with data-driven Cyber-… Read more
07 FEB 2017
@ 11:00 am
PRECISE Seminar: Design Framework and Evolutional Architecture for Next-Generation Vehicles
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous functions, and connected applications bring a revolution to automotive systems and software. In this talk, I will introduce several ongoing research topics in the domain of automotive systems and software: (1) a design-… Read more
31 JAN 2017
@ 8:00 am
Mobility21 Consortium Meeting 2017
The University of Pennsylvania has been the home for a DoT National and a Tier-1 UTC for the past several years. This month we were awarded a $14MM National University Transportation Center for Improving Mobility called Mobility 21 which will investigate technologies,… Read more
19 JAN 2017
@ 12:00 pm
Joint PRECISE-DSL Seminar: 5G and Beyond - The Road to Next Generation Broadband
5G is the vision for a future ubiquitous, fully-connected environment. The goal of 5G extends from improving mobile cellular capacity, to supporting massive numbers of IoT devices, virtual reality and highly reliable public safely communications.  While 5G encompasses the… Read more
18 JAN 2017
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Robust Digital Computation in the Physical World
Modern digital hardware and software designs are increasingly complex but are themselves only idealizations of a real system that is instantiated in, and interacts with, an analog physical environment. Insights from physics, formal methods, and complex systems theory can aid… Read more
16 NOV 2016
@ 2:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Internet of Bionic Things (Cyber-Enabled Bionic Organisms for Environmental Sensing)
The present day technology falls short in offering autonomous mobile robots that can function effectively and efficiently under unknown and dynamic environmental conditions. Insects and canines, on the other hand, exhibit an unmatched ability to navigate through a wide… Read more
11 NOV 2016
@ 10:30 am
PRECISE Seminar: Challenges for future IoT gateway/infrastructure platforms and the embedding of new memory technologies
It is well-known that today's computing platforms for the IoT big data server and network router infrastructure is highly energy-consuming. And scaling this to the exascale sizes and Tbps bandwidth handling, which are required for the future, looks implausible with… Read more