Event Listing

05 FEB 2014
@ 11:30 am
PRECISE Seminar: Microfabricated Implantable Wireless Microsystems – Permanent & Biodegradable Implementations
The tremendous technological convergence of microfabrication technology, wireless communication technology, and low-power circuitry has opened the possibility of widespread use of microfabricated implantable wireless microsystems. A typical operational mode for these… Read more
27 JAN 2014
@ 1:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Modular Reasoning about Heap Paths via Effectively Propositional Formulas
First order logic with transitive closure, and separation logic enable elegant interactive verification of heap-manipulating programs. However, undecidabilty results and high asymptotic complexity of checking validity preclude complete automatic verification of such programs… Read more
11 OCT 2013
@ 8:00 am
Industry Day 2013
PRECISE’s “Cyber-Physical Systems Industry Day” is an informal and intimate day-long symposium for leading executives and engineers involved in designing and developing cyber-physical systems, embedded systems, hybrid and control systems, and Internet of Things. … Read more
18 SEP 2013
@ 12:30 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Hardware in Cybersecurity - from the Weakest Link to Great Promises
It is well-known that hardware implementation can outperform the software implementation of the same application, including security primitives such as encryption, by up to several magnitudes. However, hardware implementation may also make security primitives vulnerable… Read more
13 AUG 2013
@ 11:30 am
PRECISE Seminar: Cyber-Physical Systems - Continuity and Transitions
This talk takes a retrospective look at the course of Cyber-Physical Systems, and then looks forward to challenges ahead.  There have been changes, and more are coming – some seen, some doubtless not anticipated.  But the need for, and interest in, the CPS area is only… Read more
18 JUL 2013
@ 11:00 am
PRECISE Seminar: Rational Synthesis
Synthesis is the automated construction of a system from its specification.  The system has to satisfy its specification in all possible environments. Modern systems often interact with other systems, or agents. Many times these agents have objectives of their own, other than… Read more
29 MAY 2013
@ 11:30 am
PRECISE Seminar: Allocation, Isolation & Dynamics in Compositional RT Systems & Applications to Control System Design
The recent focus upon compositional design in real-time systems research has yielded a number of promising frameworks for the integration of multiple safety- and time-critical components upon a shared computational platform.  Integration of components has a profound impact… Read more
05 FEB 2013
@ 11:00 am
PRECISE Industry Lecture: Toyota - Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS)
The demand of higher driving safety is increasing. Several driving assistance systems, e.g., PCS (Pre-Crash safety System), LKA (Lane Keep Assist) are already available in the market. However, highly advanced and integrated safety system: Advanced Drive Assist System is… Read more
19 NOV 2012
@ 12:00 pm
PRECISE Seminar: Cyber-Physical Aspects of the Artificial Pancreas
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that causes the destruction of the pancreatic beta cells, permanently suppressing insulin secretion and requiring patients to manually inject or infuse insulin to keep blood sugar levels close to normal.  Self-treatment of T1D… Read more
12 NOV 2012
@ 1:30 pm
PRECISE Industry Lecture: The Aerospace Corporation - Current Research and Future Directions in Satellite Engineering
Successful Earth orbit satellites require many complex interactions to be engineered correctly – both interactions among vehicle subsystems and interactions with the launch and mission environments. Increasing demand for cost-effective vehicles to fly more and more involved… Read more