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Jyotirmoy V. Deshmukh, Ph.D.
PRECISE Seminar: Making Formal Methods Work in Industrial Practice
October 10, 2014

Industrial-scale embedded control systems are often developed in the model-based development (MBD) paradigm. The design process typically involves capturing a 'plant model' to describe the physical processes to be controlled, and a 'controller model,' which is usually a block-diagram-based representation of the controller software. In practice, plant models and controller models are highly complex; typical plant models feature highly nonlinear and hybrid differential and algebraic equations, while controller models feature large look-up tables storing pre-computed values, several levels of…

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Naveen Verma, Ph.D.
PRECISE Seminar: Electronics for Interacting with the Real World
October 8, 2014

It used to be that we built electronic systems to interact with specific users: taking inputs, providing outputs. Seeing the incredible value that electronics has brought to so many applications, today we would like to build system that interact with all aspects of the physical world. But, the physical world is complex, both in the number of relevant signals it presents and in the physics of how these signals encode information. This talk starts by exploring algorithmic frameworks for creating high-quality models for analyzing sensor signals when no tractable analytical models are…

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Robert Bond, MBA
PRECISE Seminar: Penn Tech Entrepreneur - From Humble Dorm Room to World Class Billionaire
October 3, 2014

Are you interested in starting your own company? Do you want to see how others have succeeded? Join Penn Alumnus Robert Bond as he speaks about how college students like yourselves have started companies from their dorm room.

Behind every great company is a great entrepreneur. Penn alumni have founded world-class companies such as Paypal, Cisco Systems, and Comcast. How did they do it? In this talk, Robert will unveil the secrets of their success. In particular, Robert will focus on stories of startups founded in dorm rooms. How did students like yourself get started? What were the…

Laura Humphrey, Ph.D.
PRECISE Seminar: Certification and Design Challenges for Autonomous Systems
September 3, 2014

This seminar will cover three topics -- certification challenges for autonomous systems, a DoD-relevant application domain for human-autonomous mission planning, and formal methods for synthesis of human-automation mission plans. For the first topic, we will start by discussing current certification practices for avionics, then discuss challenges for extending these practices for autonomous systems. For the second topic, we will describe a mission scenario in which multiple unmanned air, ground, and sea vehicles must be used by a human operator to provide security for base defense. We will…

Yunja Choi, Ph.D.
PRECISE Seminar: Constraint Specification & Test Generation for OSEK/VDX-based Operating Systems
August 4, 2014

Automotive operating system is a safety-critical software that controls electrical devices installed in automobiles. It is supposed to work safely under any arbitrary interactions with application programs, which is a major difficulty in safety verification.  It is important to model a sound environment that satisfies system requirements and constraints in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of verification.

This talk introduces my approach to address this issue using constraint patterns identified from the OSEK/VDX international standard for automotive operating systems.…