ID2015 - 9:40a - McLaughlin - Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation & the Internet of Things
Paul McLaughlin
Chief Engineer
Speaker Bio

Paul McLaughlin is the Chief Engineer for Honeywell Process Solutions. Paul has worked in Industrial Automation for 35 years, as a development engineer, Chief Architect, Director of Development, and now Chief Engineer, where he oversees all HPS product roadmaps, architecture, and development with significant customer interaction.  Paul has over 30 US patents granted in areas such as embedded systems, high availability solutions, and cloud computing.

Most recently, Paul is leading Honeywell Process Solutions’ development for Internet of Things (IoT). 

Paul is a 1986 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in Computer Science Engineering, and a 1980 graduate of the University of Delaware in Mathematics and Computer Science. Paul currently serves on the Board of Directors for Penn’s Engineering Alumni Society.