ID2015 - 9:40a - Kulkarni - IoT

IoT Analytics for Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing
Devadatta M. Kulkarni
Principal Scientist
Cincinnati Innovation Labs
Tata Consultancy Services
Speaker Bio

Devadatta M. Kulkarni is a Principal Scientist for the TCS Innovation Lab in Cincinnati, OH and working on TCS’s Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing research projects globally. Dr. Kulkarni is a well-known professional consultant and expert in Commodity Sourcing and Supply Chain Management (SCM) technologies, along with decision models in Product Development and Total Cost management areas. He has worked on both innovation and finance sides of a major automotive OEM business and brings in unique experience of architecting and implementing technology frameworks for enterprise transformation. Dr. Kulkarni has successfully extended his accomplished academic career into productive industrial researcher role with sustained publications including filing 4 U.S. patents, over 50 internal GM R&D reports, and over 25 external, archival publications in leading professional journals. Dr. Kulkarni was awarded his B.S, Mathematics in 1979 at Pune University, his M.S., Mathematics in 1982, and his Ph.D., in 1985, both from Purdue University.