GRASP-PRECISE Industry Day 2018

In 2012, there were many industry speakers who lamented that they were unable to attend our very successful PRECISE Open House.  As such, they requested to be invited back the following year, which led to the formation of PRECISE's first Industry Day in 2013.  The event was widely received because it gave industry the opportunity to see, first-hand, the latest, ground-breaking research being undertaken by the PRECISE Center.  Given it's success year-after-year, PRECISE's Annual Industry Day has grown to become one of Penn Engineering's signature events.

This year, our "Industry Day", which was co-hosted with the GRASP Laboratory, highlighted leading executives and engineers involved in cutting-edge research of robotics, cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things.  Besides featuring many prominent speakers from industry and academia, there were numerous events for industry representatives to network with both PRECISE and GRASP students, alumni, and faculty.  One exciting new addition to the program this year was the opportunity for companies to interview our top students on-site during the event.  

Date & Time
Fri, February 2, 2018 @ 8:15am EST
Sat, February 3, 2018 @ 11:30am EST
University of Pennsylvania
Wu & Chen Auditorium
Levine Hall Lobby Level
3330 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
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08:15 - Breakfast & Registration

09:00 - Welcome Message

09:05 - GRASP Lab Research Presentations

10:00 - PRECISE Center Research Presentations

  • James Weimer; "Overview of the PRECISE Center"
  • Houssam Abbas; "On-Board Verification for Autonomous Vehicles"
  • Hyonyoung Choi; "MIDAS: Ensuring Network QoS in 4G/5G Network using SDN"
  • Deepak Gangadharan; "Data/Service Delivery to Connected Vehicles via Edges"
  • Luis Garcia; "Dynamic Lighting for Controlling Circadian Rhythm"
  • Jiyue He; "Mapping the Heart for Guided Cardiac Ablation Therapy"
  • Radoslav Ivanov; "Context-Aware Detection in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems"
  • Achin Jain; "Bridging Machine learning and Controls for Demand Response & Energy Management"
  • Kuk Jin Jang; "Computer-aided Clinical Trials for Medical Devices"
  • Sooyong Jang; "Hypocount: An Open-Source Tool for Analyzing Daytime vs Nocturnal Hypoglycemia"
  • Hyojin Jo; "Mitigator of Message Flooding Attacks on Automotive-CAN"
  • Fanxin Kong; "Cyber-Physical System Checkpointing and Recovery"
  • Eric Micaleff & Brett Garberman; "Pitch Plus"
  • Hung Nguyen; "LogSafe: Scalable and Secure Cloud-based Logger for IoT Devices"
  • Matthew O’Kelly; "Computer Aided Design for Safe Autonomous Vehicles"
  • Yash Vardhan Pant; "Fly-By-Logic:  Control of Multi-Drone Fleets with Temporal Logic Objectives"
  • Junkil Park; "Automatic Verification of Linear Controller Software"
  • Sangdon Park; "Large Input-Margin Algorithm for Certified Defense to Adversarial Examples"
  • Nima Roohi; "Parameter Invariant Monitoring for STL"
  • Nimit Singhania; "GPU Drano: Detecting Uncoalesced Accesses in GPU Programs"
  • Meng Xu; "Real-Time Virtualization"
  • Teng Zhang; "SMEDL: A State Machine-Based Runtime Verification Framework"

Keynote: Parris Wellman (Amazon Robotics); "The Future is Humans and Robots Working Together"

11:50 - SEAS Outreach Programs

12:00 - Lunch / Student Poster Session & Demos

13:30 - 14:20  Industry Presentations (Theme: Transportation)

  • BaekGyu Kim (Toyota); “Design Challenge of Open Software Platform for Connected Vehicles”
  • Andrew King (Zoox); “Autonomous Mobility for the Future”
  • Robert Bourg (Wabtec Freight); “Positive Train Control”
  • Ashish Kapoor (Microsoft Research); “What’s new in AirSim?”
  • Justin Gottschlich (Intel Labs); “Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving

14:20 - Break

Keynote: Ben Firner (Nvidia); “Accelerating Autonomous Vehicles with Deep Learning”

15:20 - Break

15:30 - Industry Presentations (Theme: AI / IOT / CPS)

  • Gian Luca (Draper); “Autonomous Perception and Localization at Draper”
  • Bongho Kim (Nokia); “Wireless Communications for IoT”
  • Yoonsoo Lee (National Grid); “Modeling Our Future: The Energy Path Forward”
  • Shwetha Shetty (SAP); “Getting Enterprises to the Cutting ‘Edge’”

16:20 - Break

16:30 - Industry Presentations (Theme: Robotics)

  • Pulkit Kapur (MathWorks); “Advanced Robotics with MATLAB and Simulink”
  • Brad Neuman (Anki); “Creating Robotics with Character
  • Alex Kushleyev (Qualcomm); “Robotics @ Qualcomm Research Philadelphia”
  • Edward Tunstel (UTRC); “Robotics at UTRC”

17:20 - Closing Remarks

17:30 - Reception & Industry Networking