Join Forces

Our collaborators have numerous opportunities for engagement with PRECISE, including:

  • Industry lectures
  • Professional training
  • Outreach workshops and seminars
  • Visits to meet faculty and researchers
  • Student recruitment activities
  • Commercialization opportunities
  • Technology transfer facilitation for corporations, which may result in licensing opportunities and patents

Additionally, PRECISE convenes the following events:




PRECISE Open House One Time Our open house features presentations by students, faculty, and industry collaborators. This is an opportunity for our current and future collaborators to tour our facility, meet our faculty and staff, and network with other embedded systems industry professionals. [In the Media]
International CPS Summit – CPS WEEK 2013 Limited Time CPS Week is an annual academic multi-conference dedicated to research and development of cyber-physical systems (CPS). A CPS is characterized by a tight integraion of distributed embedded computational units and their physical environment.  Examples of the many CPS application areas include the smart electric grid, smart transportation, smart buildings, smart medical technologies, next-generation air traffic management, and advanced manufacturing. CPS Week comprises of five member conferences that concentrate on various aspects of CPS research, such as real-time systems, control design, sensing, security, and applications.  In addition, a number of workshops affiliated with CPS Week look at various emerging research topics.  More information can be found at For a company involved in the development of a CPS application, CPS Week gives immediate access to the community of experts and a body of research work on relevant topics.  For a company that is building tools for CPS development, CPS Week provies an opportunity to raise the awareness of the researchers about the company’s products.  In either case, CPS Week can facilitate collaborations between your company and the research community.
CPS Lecture Series / CPS Workshops Weekly / Annually We host a colloquium with professional and researchers from around the globe.
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