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by Valentina Sokolskaya on April 9, 2015

Apr 2015:    Penn and IoT Article in Daily Pennsylvanian
Jan 2015:     RT-Xen contributed real-time scheduler to newly released Xen 4.5
Sep 2014:    Zhihao Jiang wins SRC TECHCON Best in Session Award
Jul 2014:    PRECISE’s new lab designs next generation immersive experiences
Jul 2014:     Toyota Gift Will Support Penn Research on Automotive Electronic and Computer Systems
Apr 2014:    Best paper award at ICCPS 2014
Mar 2014:   Rahul Mangharam Receives 2014 IEEE Benjamin Franklin Key Award
Feb 2014:    Zhihao Jiang was invited to Dagstuhl Seminar on The Pacemaker Challenge
Dec 2013:    Members of the NRC’s Committee
Nov 2013:    PRECISE is part of TerraSwarm
Nov 2013:    Outstanding Paper Award at the ACM High Integrity Language Technologies 2013 Conference
Oct 2013:     Rahul Mangharam presented Distinguished Lecture on Energy CPS at Kansas State University
Aug 2013:     Appreciation Plaque
Aug 2013:    Embedded Systems projects
Jun 2013:    PRECISE’s Medical Cyber-Physical Systems project is featured in the Mathworks Newsletter
May 2013:    Rajeev Alur is awarded a Simons Investigator Position!
Apr 2013:    CPS Week 2013
Mar 2013:   Insup Lee delivered a distinguished lecture at Wayne State University
Feb 2013:    $4.8M grant received from DARPA HACMS Program
Feb 2013:    Insup Lee gave a talk at Triangle Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer Series
Feb 2013:    Rahul Mangharam Receives NSF CAREER Award
Dec 2012:    Best paper award at IEEE RTSS 2012
Nov 2012:    Rahul Mangharam receives 2012 Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program award
Nov 2012:    Heart-on-a-Chip undergraduate project receives First Prize at 2012 World Embedded Software Competition in Seoul, Korea
Nov 2012:    The ProtoDrive project received third Prize at 2012 World Embedded Software Competition in Seoul, Korea
Sep 2012:    2012 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (US FOE)
Jun 2012:    Article in the Economist
May 2012:    Distinguished Lecture at University of Minnesota
May 2012:    PRECISE Open House
Apr 2012:    Program Co-Chair for IEEE RTAS 2012
Apr 2012:    CPS Week 2012
Apr 2012:    The Best Student Paper Award at IEEE RTAS 2012

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