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The cornerstone of PRECISE’s educational mission is the Masters of Science in Engineering in Embedded Systems (EMBS). The EMBS degree is the first degree program in the country giving students the specialized knowledge required to work with embedded systems. Other institutions offer coursework in embedded systems, generic electrical engineering, and computer science. However, these degrees do little to prepare students for the rapidly evolving and highly-specialized CPS job market. The EMBS program is designed to be completed on a full-time basis at the Philadelphia campus.


PRECISE’s groundbreaking curriculum covers every aspect of CPS development, from theoretical fundamentals to state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies. For example, students will be able to design, model, and implement embedded systems using industry-standard formal methodologies – and then verify, evaluate, and deploy these systems in real-world scenarios.  The core curriculum can be complimented with elective courses from computer science, computer engineering, and/or robotics.

Distinctive Qualities of the Program

EMBS enrollment is highly competitive. A small enrollment promotes a cohesive and collaborative learning environment, and allows for greater faculty involvement in student education and advising. Students are actively involved in large-scale CPS research opportunities with our world-renowned faculty.

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