Message from the Director

Message from the Director

We established the Penn Research in Embedded Computing and Integrated Systems Engineering (PRECISE) center in 2008 to leverage our members’ expertise in the theoretical and engineering foundations of cyber-physical systems (CPS). The center serves as the convergence of related research efforts by affiliated faculty spanning the CPS domain. In the short time since its creation, our genesis has flourished into a multimillion dollar research center yielding diverse scientific developments. Currently, PRECISE researchers are actively collaborating with CPS application-area experts to develop next generation medical systems, automotive systems, green energy buildings, and consumer electronics.

PRECISE strives to provide an enriching and integrative environment that fosters interaction among students, researchers, visitors, faculty, and CPS industry leaders. In doing so, we seek not only to improve the world around us but also to cultivate a workforce that is well-poised to face the future research and development challenges of the CPS field.

Thank you for taking the time to explore PRECISE. I extend a personal invitation for you to visit the center and meet with me and our faculty to learn more about our cutting-edge endeavors in CPS research, innovation, and education.


Insup Lee, Ph.D.
Director, PRECISE Center
University of Pennsylvania

Goals and CPS Challenges


  • Develop real-time engineered technologies with built-in assurance of their critical properties
  • Engage in cutting-edge research on cyber-physical products and mission-critical systems
  • Facilitate interaction among stakeholders with cyber-physical systems (CPS)-based initiatives
  • Build an education infrastructure with mature curricula to produce engineers with multidisciplinary skills

CPS Challenges

  • Smart Grid
  • Next Generation Transportation & Mobility
  • Real-Time Life-Supporting Medical Devices & Systems
  • Energy-Efficient Buildings
  • Smart Manufacturing
In the Media
Patents & Source Code Libr…
  • Patents
  • Source Code Library
  • CARTS (Compositional Analysis of Real-Time Systems)
  • Architecture aware analysis of concurrent software (Checkfence)
  • We partner with Fremont Associates to provide tool support for analysis of embedded systems architectures expressed in the AADL modeling language. Formal schedulability analysis algorithms are implemented in the Furness toolset.
  • An industrial case study is starting in collaboration with Honeywell, which aims at the modeling and analysis of wireless architectures.
  • Automated symbolic compositional verification by learning assumptions, JIST (Interfaces for Java classes using abstraction and games)
  • Specification, Analysis, and Testing of Scenario-based Requirements
  • HERMES (Model Checking of Hierarchical State Machines)
  • Mocha (Model checking of open systems using ATL)
  • CHARON (Hybrid systems: modeling and verification)
  • Timed and hybrid automata
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Sponsored Projects
Medical Device CPS
Quantitative Analysis and Design of Control Networks
Compositionality for Real-Time Systems
Research on Automotive Electronic and Computer Systems
Experience Design & Technology lab
Collaborative Research

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